The Discourse seems to have caught wind of the trend universe, with a sudden and very intense obsession with trends, naming them and, of course, their death. There is some truth to this, with the rise of sites like Aesthetics Wiki documenting the breakdown of mainstream culture with the rise of micro-cultures that disappear almost as [&hell

Every day the number of decisions we make that are influenced by algorithms grows. For anyone that uses search, Instagram, Facebook, or most major online retail platforms we are presented with stuff (ideas, products, memes) that represent our worldview, showcasing things that we will want to purchase, articles that will make us want to rage

When I think of change, I often think of this story charting the evolution of the computer desk from 1980 to 2014. As much as we thought our lives were played out in linear ways, this video shows the things that were once deemed essential that slowly dissipated from our office lives.