Future Narrative

How 3D digitized models are changing the fashion production game

As this technology becomes more widely available, the digital ideation of the design process can also help make production more sustainable. Petah Marian, the founder of Future Narrative, a strategic foresight and forecasting company believes that the 3D processes can help in a number of areas.

“There are multiple fronts, reducing the number of samples created in the product development process has significant impacts on waste. In some cases, 3D design is able to get the number of samples produced in the development stage down from 4 to one,” she said. “It also gets people on the same page faster, which means that product development lead times are shortened and those key buying decisions can be made closer to market, leading to less wastage and fewer markdowns. Companies are also starting to use photorealistic CADs as a means of communicating product online, saving on the resources.”

Another aspect that Marian highlights is that companies are starting to use those designs in combination with AR to better communicate fit to consumers. Doing this means they can get the right product to the right person with fewer returns, especially as online spending continues to grow. “If we start to look towards a future where products are increasingly virtual and more dematerialized either through NFTs or digital fashion, 3D design will become an increasingly important contributor,” she said.

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